Cold Chain Monitoring

Third Generation Cold Chain Monitoring with BLE based RTLS Technology.

Cost of Cold Chain monitoring can now get drastically reduced using the new BLE 5.1 technology, with real-time monitoring of Cold Chain during the whole life cycle of a product, starting from packaging, transportation, to store display, up to the last mile, without any gaps.

A BLE tag runs very long on its battery, even few years. The same BLE tag can be used multiple times, once a shipment has reached its destination, the same BLE tag can be removed, and used for the next consignment. Multiple sensors can be integrated on single BLE tag – temperature, humidity, light, pressure, vibration and tilt. Sensing is continuous so that even if there are unexpected delays, accidental pause on the tarmac or a detour on the roadways, an alert is generated. At the destination, the customer has the proof of cold chain compliance throughout the complete life cycle of the product through storage to transportation on a single click of mobile phone. Additionally, since this technology is based on cloud system, any breach of temperature, humidity or other environmental condition is immediately alerted to the transporter.

BLE based cold chain is the prime component for implementing Logistics 3.0. It is by far the most economical technology compared to the earlier technologies like RFID and WiFi.

3PL (Third-party logistics) operations are becoming increasing important to cold chain operations and suppliers. Due to the complexity of systems and importance of regulation compliance, it can be far easier to outsource these operations to a dedicated service provider.

Data logging using BLE 5.1 and storage of the environment data into its internal memory is the biggest advantage, as the BLE tag travels with the package, and continues to log the data, which can be retrieved at the end of the journey.

With integration between GSM and GPS with BLE 5.1 you can now avail the most advanced monitoring solutions can track and transmit the metrics your shipments require with precision, including ambient temperature, internal temperature, light, tilt, pressure, physical shock, and geographic location – all at the most economical of prices you have never heard of.

Use Cases