Smart Buildings

IoT plays a key role in the transformation of residential and enterprise buildings to being “smart”. Smart buildings aim to provide solutions that are energy efficient, environment friendly, disaster manageable and comfortable. Therefore, any solution that can potentially increase the comfort level and provides the fore-mentioned services can be incorporated into smart buildings.

LOT with Skycube Mesh

Location of Things (LoT) technology spans the area of identifying where IoT devices are located in relation to their origins, destinations or other adjacent devices. Combining IoT with indoor positioning systems using proximity-aware BLE beacons and these “things” can be placed on an internal map. The value of IoT sensors capturing identity, environmental data, and status with the contextual location information is Location of Things (LoT). LoT has the ability to locate and monitor all types of things in real time.Some of the most popular use cases that create significant value are as follows:



Real time location of people and assets is the key for Smart Buildings.

  • Occupancy Management of the offices and facilities
  • Utilization Sensing – Monitoring occupied spaces including elevators, work places, lobbies and meeting rooms
  • Smart Meters with bi-directional communication and remote reading



Finding who and what is where in a large building in real-time improves efficiency.

  • Indoor navigation and positioning – Using BLE gateways and smart BLE beacons
  • Intelligent Parking using Bluetooth mesh network
  • Asset Tracking and Management for all high value assets



Monitoring the environment of a Smart Building can be made efficient and easy.

  • Appliances embedded with IoT network for monitoring
  • All the gateways and exits with BLE readers, allowing only valid visitors and vehicles



Management of staff and visitors made easy using BLE beacon technologies.

  • Tracking and Monitoring of staff inside buildings including which floor and which zone
  • Covid Protection Wearable for Social Distance Alerts
Use Cases