Wireless Freezer Monitoring

Remotely monitor the temperature inside all your Industrial Freezers.

Industry with Skycube Mesh

Wireless monitoring of Freezer Temperature remotely is now possible at a small investment using BLE-based sensors, so that there are no more unpleasant surprises and there is no waste.

Hotels, restaurants, catering industry, food processing units, pharmacy chains, hospitals just to name a few have been using industrial freezers to stock their raw materials or their finished products. It is important that the temperature and humidity is maintained in these freezers, but it is a cumbersome process to monitor all these freezers individually, check if they are functioning, whether the temperature set is being maintained properly throughout, or if there is an issue somewhere.

AlertWare BLE-based Sensors are placed inside each of the freezers, all these sensors wirelessly connect to the BLE – Wi-Fi gateway, which passes on the temperature data to the IoT cloud platform for you to view and monitor from anywhere at any time.

You can remotely configure the target temperature range for each of these AlertWare sensors. Anytime there is a change in temperature inside the freezer beyond the set limit, you would be warned, an alarm would set off.


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