Real-Time Condition Monitoring

Real-time condition monitoring of plant and machinery with predictive maintenance.

Condition monitoring of plant and machinery in real-time is now affordable using BLE based technology coupled with the environment sensors. Predictive analytics of critical plan and machinery can foster real-time condition monitoring for asset-intensive manufacturing industries, paving the way for increased operational efficiency, enhanced resource utilization, and robust risk management.

Studies show that the most expensive and critical motors in a plant only account for 5-10% of the total population. Semi-critical equipment makes up approximately 10-15%. Normally the remaining 85% of a production facility’s equipment are vulnerable to unexpected downtime and repairs.

Increased visibility of the condition of the plant and machinery in real time ensures peace of mind and removes the threats like:

How it works


Wireless technology based on BLE 5.2 reduces the costs of maintaining a stable and dependable network. Wireless remote condition monitoring from Skycube provides temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, movement of the machines in real time, to a cloud based robust analytics platform accessed anytime from anywhere.



Skycube’s solution for real-time condition monitoring of plant and machinery with predictive maintenance provides on its cloud-based analytics platform the following metrics:


The different parameters that Skycube can remotely monitor are:










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