Comprehensive indoor location devices, BLE Beacons, Tags, ID Cards, Gateways, Locators for IOT implementation in Smart Buildings, Industry 4.0, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality and Healthcare facilities.

Industry with Skycube Mesh

Skycube is disrupting the industry with its Smart IoT devices, Cloud Solutions, IoT Platforms for People, Moving Assets, Condition Monitoring used in hotels, hospitals, industries, shopping malls, office campuses, and buildings. BLE beacon based indoor location services with complete end-to-end customized solutions suited to the customer requirements is our strength.

Experience Skycube solutions and dashboards Smart Buildings, Smart Factories, Smart Hospitality and Smart Hospitals, built on secure platforms, built for you.


A glimpse of our IoT Platform Dashboards implemented:



To create, augment, enhance and implement IoT solution for your need, Skycube offers you a choice of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) powered IoT devices.


BLE Beacons


Completely reliable BLE Tags as wearable for people or fixed for your moving assets. Ideal for wayfinding, indoor location tracking, indoor navigation, asset tracking for logistics and supply chain monitoring, tracking and monitoring moving assets, tracking ambulatory equipment in hospitals and hotels, and digital transformation of your business.

BLE Beacons


BLE beacons with integrated Sensors of your choice – Temperature, Humidity, Vibrations, Lights. Ideal for your condition monitoring needs like machines, equipment, cold chains, refrigerated storages, warehouses, hotels, and retail chains.

BLE Powered ID Cards


BLE powered ID Cards and Badges for People, integrated with SoS Buttons and Accidental Fall Down Sensor – ensuring complete safety for your people.

Powered by BLE 5.0 or higher (Bluetooth Low Energy), the beacons and tags work with all standardBLE Gateways, Locator Devices or Access Points. Integrated battery works for three to five years.



The IoT platforms and BLE powered IoT devices from Skycube integrates seamlessly with your current solutions, with our complete package of Web APIs and Mobile SDKs.


Use Cases