Employee Productivity Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the productivity of the employees in the industries ethically using wearable beacons.

Indoor location tracking and monitoring of the employees when they start and stop work, automatingthe workforce with efficient processes by significantly lowering labor costs. Beacons are assigned to employees or workers at manufacturing or job sites, depending on the area to cover, either indoors or outdoors. There might be requirement for multiple gateways to receive signals from the beacons. Gateways can be easily setup on the Ethernet, WiFi or GSM network depending on the project specifications. Skycube cloud-based software receives information from the gateways in real-time, reports are processed and compiled from actual data to assist the management in making strategic and proactive decisions so that the productivity and work assigned are monitored ethically.

With a beacon infrastructure in place, managers can track each employee’s working hours without having to go through the hassles of tracking an age-old, cumbersome ‘timesheet’ system. Employees would no more have to go through the stress of clocking in and out every time they step-in or step-out of the premises.



Skycube Employee Solutions helps in improving the working productivity monitoring ethically.

Use Cases