Magikk is a small wearable, IoT-enabled locating, communicating and security solution for workers and employees involved in lone worker scenarios, hazardous workplaces, and in general field workforce. Magikk is the industrial IoT wearable device that helps you to have a connected workers system.

IOT in Field Force Management

Magikk comes loaded with multiple sensors and voice alerts for industrial usage. Combining sensor data with satellite positioning it ensures that every step of the worker is in full visibility of the Command and Control Center and the Safety Officers.


Gain full visibility of workers at remote locations, inside the industrial premises, anywhere outdoors or indoors. Precise GPS location data, can easily be viewed via a map-based visualization system in a web browser and mobile app.


Built-in sensors detect any immobilization of staff or employees. Immediate detection and communication of any emergency situation to the command and control center.


Situational awareness platform on App and cloud software for quick detection of location of problems faced by the remote


Single click emergency connect to the command and control and enterprise EHS system with bidirectional communication flow, and accessibility of situation and navigation.


With IP67-rated, industrial design, Magikk can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 °C to +60 °C, water, and dust. In addition, the telecom SIM cannot be accessed from outside without breaking the seal, ensuring security of the SIM Card.


Easily create geofences to demarcate any and all the entry access restricted zones and areas via the user-friendly web interface. At the command and control center get immediate hazard control alarms using geo-fencing for any violations.

Seamless Connects with Enterprise EHS Compliance Systems

Magikk seamless connects with enterprise EHS compliance systems, with complete reporting of any violations and mitigation responses. Magikk Mobile App and cloud is available for visualization, control and monitoring on the go with alarms for any violation in the no entry or hazardous zones. Magikk IoT device has built in industrial and workforce safety solution for immediate detection and communication of emergency events, including sensor based possible violation. Inbuilt sensors of Magikk immediately detects any staff immobilization or “man down” situations – even if it is at any remote location.

Widely used for all Lone Worker scenario’s as in Pipeline Monitoring, Rail Track Monitoring, Utility Network Monitoring, Airport Tarmac Inspection, Construction sites, Industry premises or Bridge Monitoring, Magikk Wearable for Connected Workers acts as a first responder system.
On a single press a button it sends out all information in form of voice or data allowing the employers and organizations to act quickly and decisively.

  • End-to-end remote visualization of remote workers – outdoors and indoors
  • Comprehensive industrial and workers safety from possible life-threating situations
  • Integrated with the enterprise EHS systems
  • Sensor-based detection of possible violations and immobilizations
  • Immediate two-way emergency communication system
Use Cases