Connecting Workforce

Introducing Connected Worker IoT Solution for digital transformation of workplaces, using Magikk Wearable devices, proudly designed, developed and manufactured in India.

An organization has normally a huge team of people in the field and at manufacturing or construction sites, and it is always difficult to manage them efficiently and ensure safety of them remotely.

Smart Connected Workers is a real-time work environment monitoring solution from that would:



Smart Connected Workers provides on a single screen at your command and control center, a cloud-based, centralized dashboard for visualization, safety monitoring and security enhancement using GPS-based wearable and sensor-based BLE technology for anyone in your industrial premises, Employees, Contract workers, Drivers and Visitors, ensures:



Increased worker safety
Greater decision-support functionality
Generate new intelligence insights
Keep track of Industrial Safety Standards
Monitoring the location of a worker
Elevating the productivity
Use Cases